European Union Academic Programme in Macao

The EUAP Macao was established in 2012 and is co-funded by a grant from the European Union in cooperation with the University of Macau and the Institute of European Studies of Macau.

Jean Monnet Project

The European Union support innovation, cross-fertilisation and the spread of European Union content through Jean Monnet Project. These projects will be based on unilateral proposals and involve other partners.
Jean Monnet Chairholder, Faculty of Law, University of Macau

Magazine Europa

Magazine Europa is a partnership between the European Union Academic Programme in Macao (EUAP-M) and the Teledifus√£o de Macau (TDM-Radio Macau), which is aired on TDM-Radio Macau on Tuesdays, 7:40am and 4:00pm, and is also available online.